Thursday, January 29, 2009

Twist Ties & Polka Dots

Semi - impromptu photoshoot today, which was nice, because it gave me the illusion that I was actually getting something done rather than just chillaxing the days away until second semester starts. The concept I was going for this time was a "stationary motion - creating lines of movement through body language" type of motif. You guys be the judge: what do you think?

Some days I really wish I had models at my beck and call to work with - it does get tedious trying to be both in front of and behind the camera, at the same time. It would be so fab to get to try different angles and shutter speeds, etc. Maybe someday, right?

On another note, are these darling bubble polka-dot shorts adorable or what? Too bad it's the middle of winter and there's mountains of snow piled high outside. Which basically equates to: way-to-cold-for-shorts season. Talk about bad timing; you know that feeling you get, the craving to wear something in particular, even though the temperature/weather is all wrong for it? So beat.
So recently I found out that The Reader by Bernhard Schlink has been made into a movie. I'd actually picked up a copy of the book second-hand at the library in early August. (Alright, alright, so maybe I'd gotten it because the cover photograph was intriguing - a sort of aged, vintage feel.) Anyway, after the move, all my books were still packed in boxes and I read The Reader and it was quite the deep, insightful read. Definitely thought-provoking. (Although I do wonder how much was lost in translation...) And better yet, Kate Winslet plays Hanna in the movie! I watched the trailer, and she isn't quite what I'd envisioned Hanna to be like (slightly more stocky, coarser hair, etc.) but it's Kate Winslet so I'm sure she's probably brilliant. Have you seen the movie yet?

Even more recently, I found out that this book is actually on the IBO's list of potential books that schools are allowed to choose! Unfortunately, mine didn't; but still, it was quite the You know you're in IB when... moment. In my defense though, I didn't know it was an IB-allowed book when I read it. ;)

In fact, I haven't done much reading at all lately. Any suggestions of recent good books?


Rumi said...

One of my favorite books = Youth in Revolt, so funny.

And my boyfriend shot that photo..actually he takes like all my photos ;)


Elora Mariel said...

Oh man, I also wished that I had models that I can shoot of whenever I feel a sudden urge of photo-shooting someone. I usually don't though since my camera is spoilt for the moment. Saving to buy one good one! :D

& in my post, I had my last examination in my high school last year and it determines whether I'll be able to go to college or not. :D Lucky (sort of) for me, I managed to get accepted to one school (which is quite new and not that good (or so I've heard)).

Crystal said...

Good luck with IB!

After IB... UBC's pretty easy. I'm happy w/ my marks and have a fab social life =D Are you thinking of applying?

SEDONA said...

Wish you good luck..

Madison said...

Yeah, hopefully :D Math is my biggest worry, I suck at it.

Wendy said...

Nice picture. I especially love the first one. I think it looks really artistic but I imagine it must be hard to take a picture of yourself at that angle!

lightning in a bottle said...

i love the first picture - very creative shot.

thanks for dropping in and saying hello!

you should definitely check out carmen. it's too bad you're in ontario. but if you like music, costume, stage production, and live performance, you should check out an opera!

p.s. keep on blogging!

Gel said...

I think the shot's really nice :) So are the polkadot shorts. I could never take good pictures of myself like that. I'm not as flexible as you are :p

Good books? Sorry I can't recommend you any since it's been awhile since I last read a book for leisure.

Bryan Sullivian said...

Hey there !
thanks for the compliment :)

Julia said...

I know it totally sucks when you see clothes that you can only wear in the summer, but you want to wear them now! Like I went shopping and I saw skirts in American Eagle & Aeropostale! I was like when am I going to be able to wear those in this weather!!

As for books, I would reccomend the Twilight Saga, if you already haven't read it.

Its amazing! =)

Dana! said...

Haha, same. ;D.
I like your layout picture~

Gillian said...

LOL yeah i know eh. That wouldve been pretty awks, but if he was to turn aroud i wouldve been like "what you looking at ? TAKE YOUR BAG OFF -smiles innocently-"

ooh i really like those tights/polka dot thingies haha.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had your talent... You're such a good photographer!

Sarah Dessen has a few good books. I like the Maximum Ride series too, though the fourth book is lame.

Gillian said...

haha deff very cute !
LOL well if you see my site on the back of some guys neck you should DEFINETELY visit. xD
Haha just joking, but yeah its a verrrrry messed up idea.

Madison said...

Lol, are eithor of those words? Maybe it's like Japanese...Ontarionese? Lmao I don't know.

Kate said...

Sorry if this isn't where you wanted me to reply at, but I couldn't find a comment box or anything!
Thanks for your lovely compliment! It is Gaspard in the header. :) I appreciate you stopping by!
Your photography is quite nice! It is an assignment that you have the body language shots for? The first is my favorite.

Where do I have the comment about the team winning the game? Thank you, though. :)

Princess said...

I think you have some talent!:D

And I love the shorts, cold season suxxx! :P

Cool you're Asian-Canadian!?

That's awesome!:D

I'm Black/Belizean && Hispanic, basically a mutt! :P

Elora Mariel said...

Lol! If it was me in that position, I think I would have scared myself shit already. My wild imagination gets too wild sometimes even though the obvious is there. haha! :D

Alyssa said...

Haha, thanks for the luck!

Wow, that pose looks quite painful. Was it? I've never been a expert on photography but I love the shot! Especially you're arm and the fingers.

As for books, I read mostly history, so if you care for related suggestions, let me know. ;P

Steph said...

Love the first shot. There's like a balance you struck with your legs and your arm...kind of like a circle. :) (A ying yang sign? :P) Really great!


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