Thursday, February 5, 2009

Interview: Nora Baskin; Contests

Nora Raleigh Baskin is a multiple award winning novelist, author of brilliant books such as What Every Girl (except me) Knows, The Truth About my Bat Mitzvah, All We Know of Love, and many others. WEG(em)K is a book that I read about five years ago, but it's stuck with me all this time, a memorable read. Check it out sometime! Recently, I asked her a series of questions and had the fortune of having them answered.

Where do your ideas for writing come from?
All my ideas, for the most part, come from my own life experiences..(in particular my first two novels..they are pretty much auto-biographical)but all my stories are parts of me...I make up very little, to be honest. Even my latest YA novel (ALL WE KNOW OF LOVE) although it has nothing to do with my real life in character or more true to my "story" in more symbolic and hidden ways.

Do you find certain characters harder to write than others?
No..I use memories of people I know..or myself. I can't say I find any one character harder than another.

What do you do when inspiration is lacking (i.e. the muse has gone on vacation)?
I eat. Or read a lot. I don't force myself to write. (although right now I have a deadline..and it's pretty hard)

What advice would you give to other young aspiring writers?
Read. A lot. Write as authentically and honestly as you can. Don't try to please anyone..don't. Write what is in your heart. Write what you like to read.

Words of wisdom - give a quote you live by?
Funny...I have a ton of those, unfortunately. They are so simple and silly. But one I've been taking to heart lately comes from Beverly Sills, an opera singer who recently died..and although I had no attachment to her or her work I was taken by this quote I heard attributed to her. "I'd rather look back on my life and regret the things I did, than look back and regret the things I didn't do."I just love that!

Do you plan out all your novels in great detail first, or let the characters lead you where they may?
I never plan out..I never know where I am going or how I am going to get there..But I do have an idea of the ending feeling I want to achieve, if that makes sense.

What do you think is the most rewarding aspect of writing for Young Adults?
Meeting young readers. Having readers who are real and not full of know what. Readers who are honest. So when you reach someone you know it's meaningful. That's everything.

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Dahlia said...

Okay, someone must fill me in on how to get an interview with an author. I probably sound like a dork for asking, it's probably as simple as emailing them some questions and hoping they reply.

BTW, good interview! :)

Rylie said...

lol; yeah. =] I thought I should "Decorate for the holiday". lol XD

Rizzy said...

hey this is rizzy from

thanks for visiting my site && responding (uggs :)) <-that looks like a smiley w/ a double chin haha.

what genre do you like to write the best? i like teen fiction, but with a hint of mystery or thriller in it.

&& i am super confident that we will get published one day :]


Christine said...

Thank you so much, I really appreciate that comment. And haha, glad you enjoyed my old people blog.

Brittany said...

:) Thank you.

Stephine said...

Yeah. I've only played the original one, but it's been awhile :)

Race said...

I need to learn to write from my heart, and to stop trying to please people. Some days I do this very well, and it is only those days that I can read over what I've written and feel proud. Other days, I get too concerned with how others will see things, and I end up with words not fit to print out.
Great interview.

Madison said...


Gel said...

It's nice that she was able to answer your questions :) I've read a couple of books before (i'm no bookworm, though) but they always end up as my inspirations in life. Heehee.

Elora Mariel said...

So lucky to have your questions answered! It would be nice if I get some of my questions answered too! It'll be really fun!! :D

Btw, nice interview/questions! :D

Liviania said...

Excellent interview! I liked the question about some characters being harder to write.

Megan said...

Hmm...I haven't read any of her books, but I find the part about the books being part of her very interesting, especially since I feel the same way about my own writing.

Erin said...

I have never heard of Nora Baskin, nor have I heard of any of her books. But I think it's awesome that you were able to interview her! From her responses, she sounds like a real, genuine person who can definitely serve as an inspiration and a role model to young writers.

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