Friday, May 14, 2010

The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Season One finale was last night, and wow - what a finale.1 The whole journey of getting to watch this show develop as the season progressed has been very impressive.

It feels like not that long ago that it was the tail-end of summer and the blogosphere was all abuzz with news about LJ Smith's series from 1991 The Vampire Diaries being adapted into a television show by The CW. And intially -watching that trailer, seeing the pilot episode - I thought that it was decent, but not great. Despite the fact that it originally came much earlier, the portrayls in the pilot were quite similar to all the other vampire craze currently going on - Twilight, True Blood and Moonlight, to name a few.

But it was still an intriguing enough start that I kept watching. And kept watching. And wow! Each subsequent episode, the series just seemed to keep on improving. The music selection was applaudable, the scripting was definitely thumbs-up, and the acting was incredible.

Nina Dobrev portrays leading lady Elena Gilbert (as well as Katherine Pierce). I thought she was pretty awesome in Degrassi: The Next Generation. Yeah - she's even better here. Paul Wesley pulls off a pretty great dark, brooding Stephen Salvatore, although I'm not quite as fond of his character as Damon's.

Which brings me to Ian Somerhalder, who plays Damon Salvatore. The facial expressions - so expressive - the acting, the body language, the emotion - well, colour me impressed. He's great. :) I thought Steven R. McQueen did a great job in Everwood, so it was great to see him in The Vampire Diaries. And I just realised a few days ago that Malese Jow was in Unfabulous with Emma Roberts as well - wow, totally didn't recognize her. TVD also did great with diversity as well in terms of actors, which is always great to see.

The supporting cast are awesome too. All the intertwining subplots really add a lot to the series' depth. Sara Canning (Jenna Sommers), Katerina Graham (Bonnie), Candice Accola (Caroline Forbes), Zach Roerig (Matt Donovan), Michael Trevino (Tyler Lockwood) and all the rest really add to the story.

Doesn't this sound like a happy gush-fest? ;) It's a little sad that we've reached the season finale already, but phew - 22 episodes, a full season - quite an accomplishment. And if the whole improving-with-every-episode thing this season is any indication, next season will be phenomenal! So who's up for discussing this season's finale? Theories about next season? Chime in!

***Spoilers Alert***

That scene when Stephen goes down into the burning basement to save Damon - was it just me, or was there some blur zipping up the stairs?! Who/what?

Tyler and Mayor Lockwood being affected by the weapon - what was up with that? Are they werewolves2? And whoa about Caroline! Tyler and Matt finally begin to make up, and then this happens. Hope she's okay! The way the Sheriff looked at the end though - oh no!

And Katherine's back - and so badass3! Which changes things - does that render that kiss between "Elena" and Damon invalid then? Aww! And Elena going into the kitchen - with Katherine in there - things are going to get messy. Jeremy! Will the overdose be enough? Will he turn?

Basically, it was a stacked season finale. What did you guys think of it? What do you think will happen next?

1 I actually didn't watch the finale until just now.
2 I was looking at the Wikipedia page for The Vampire Diaries (novel series) and it mentioned something about Tyler being a werewolf. Although much as been changed in the adaptation, perhaps this hasn't.
3 Pardon my [foreign language]. ;)


Jess (The Cozy Reader) said...

It was awesome. I watched it last night and I was very impressed with the ending. :)

Can't wait for next season.

I haven't read the books so anything is game. And yeah, Tyler being a werewolf was my guess too. Those eyes!

kay - Infinite Shelf said...

It was awesome, really! So many "ooh!" and "ahh!", I can't believe it was the season finale already. You're right, this show evolved greatly during the season, it went from good to great really quickly.

My guess was werewolves too for Tyler and the Mayor. As for the blur in the stairs, I didn't see it! And I deleted the show from my DVR so I can't rewatch it already. Who do you think that was? Do you think Anna wasn't totally dead? I was so sad to see her killed :(

deltay said...

Jess - I haven't read the books yet either. I know, right?! That eye thing was super cool, but really freaky too.

Kay - I was really sad about Anna too! And it really sucks for Jeremy as well, what with first losing Vicki and now Anna too... and him maybe turning and all. It's also a bit of a bummer that they killed off both Kelly Hu and Malese Jow's characters though. idk, I think unfortunately Anna is dead - she went and changed colour and everything like Pearl.

Haha, I actually hadn't thought of werewolves until after seeing it on Wikipedia!

Anonymous said...

Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

- Daniel

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