Thursday, August 12, 2010

丝丝心动/Strands of Love Review

This is the first full drama that I've watched since You're Beautiful, and the first without English subtitles in [a long time? ever?] For the most part, it's a fairly fun, humourous, watchable drama.

As far as the acting/casting goes, it's a thumbs up for this one. There's this one scene in particular where the four of them (the two couples) are sort of facing each other by the gates and the melancholic expressions and feelings conveyed by Blue especially, and Jenny too, are pretty amazing. The main pairing definitely has great on-screen chemistry.

"Nai Nai", "Three Wind", "Da Mei" & co. definitely provide numerous moments of comic relief. Rejoice shampoo is one of the major sponsors, and as such a lot of advertising is apparent throughout. A couple shots were well incorporated, but a few were a little over-dramatic and over the top.

There were scenes where Jenny's character would be continuously apologizing or expressing gratitude, and the acting in those got a little annoying, as did all the overt sighing, at times. Also, for any of you who've already watched it - what is up with Blue wearing pants that are too short all the time?!

In terms of classification, this would probably fall under the category of romantic comedy. At times it did feel a little too fluffy, a little too cliche, a little too "no-way-that-would-never-happen-in-reality" scoffs the cynical watcher. There were a couple moments of #characterizationfail.

But all in all? It's a pretty funny drama and worth checking out if you're into sweet, romantic, happy dramas.

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