Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Launching Across The Universe

(Image by Jeremy)

So you may remember my excitement last Wednesday when I WoWed Beth's Revis' Across The Universe. Well, today brings us the day of the launch, woohoo!

In celebration of that, let's have some awesome Across the Universe-themed goodies :)

Let's start off with an interview with the awesome author Beth Revis:

How much fun is that interactive video? I love how the interview feels very personal and professional - definitely amps up the excitement for Across The Universe. So of course the next logical step would be to check out the book trailer:

How haunting is that narration? I think Lauren Ambrose did a beautiful job with the voice and emotion behind the words. Check out the official Across the Universe website and explore the Godspeed - I think it's especially cool how there's a produce greenhouse & everything is grown there - self-sustaining!

Still not hooked yet? Then check out io9 to read the first 111 pages of Across the Universe (they'll be available from 11:11am to 11:11pm EST today)!

Across the Universe's web presence:

Beth Revis' web presence:

Penguin's web presence:

See you across the universe! :)

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