Tuesday, April 5, 2011

iPhone 5: 2 Screens?

It's no secret that rumours about Apple's iPhone 5 have been running rampant on the internet these days. Now, you may recall that in the past month, there was a huge discussion going on about a sliding component to the iPhone 5, which many people speculated hinted at a slide-out keyboard.
Now, that [mock-up] definitely looks a) bizarre b) impractical and c) not very Apple-esque. Honestly, with the built-in keyboard, having a chunky, physical slide-out keyboard makes zero sense. BUT -

Could the sliding component possibly indicate a second sliding screen? Think Nintendo DS-style - a secondary screen that could be used or hidden at one's leisure... It would contribute to multi-tasking, it would expand the amount of screen space usable, it would make a hell of a lot more sense as an explanation for the sliding mechanism than a physical keyboard...

What do you guys think? Is it possible that the iPhone 5 will carry a secondary slide-out screen?

Disclaimer: Obviously this is just speculation on my part; I'm not officially affiliated with Apple in any way.


Chris said...

I refuse to consider a phone where the keyboard hogs half of the small screen. I currently have an HTC Touch Pro 2 (Windows 6.5 on Verizon).

The HTC slide-out keyboard is superb - but Windows is clunky, and the overall experience is horrible.

Cell phone hardware options continue to expand, with Motorola's Atrix.

But I've really been intrigued by the Nintendo DS 2-screen configuration.

I agree a keyboard is not apple-esque. A 2nd screen would be the perfect solution - I could slide it out when I need more viewing area or a larger touchscreen keyboard.

If the iPhone 5 has 2 screens and G4/LTE capability, I'll buy one the day it comes out.

iPhone 5 cases said...

Good thing the qwerty slide-out keyboard was not implemented because I think it looks a lot better without it.

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