Thursday, August 16, 2012

Writers: Mac or PC?

From Goodreads
So I was on Goodreads just now, when I spotted this photo of J.K. Rowling with the caption "J.K. Rowling at her laptop", holding what is clearly a white Sony VAIO (aka a PC). I mentioned this to a friend, and he immediately commented that "that is rare; nearly every writer uses a Mac these days." 

Now, I'm wondering how valid of a claim this is. So let's have a poll. Chime in, writers, aspiring writers, agents, publishers, bloggers - anyone in the book industry - what do you use, Mac or PC?


Anonymous said...

I think she has some kind of partnership deal with Sony. She collaborates with them on her websites (Pottermore), and video games, and they're always sure to say ". . . with Sony".

But that aside, there was another documentary that showed her writing the final chapters of one of the HP books and she was using a Sony laptop there too along with Microsoft Word. So I'm sure it's what she's used too. For Word users, a PC is really best. Can it be used on a Mac? Sure. MS Word is still pretty much the best word processor out there. When it comes time to turn in the manuscript, publishers most likely prefer PCs. They don't want any compatibility issues with Windows/Mac. Most of the business world uses Windows PCs. Macs are just trendy, either system works but whichever you choose, be sure to stick with it.

estetik drew said...

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Nick Adler said...

Count two for daughter and I both use laptops Windows. She is a writer, I am a blogger. Although, I used to be a MAC boy.

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