Sunday, April 5, 2009

In My Mailbox [3]

Inspired by the fabulous Alea and meme'd by the awesome Kristi...

I received my Surprise Shrinking Violet Prize Pack, which was super exciting. Really awesome stuff; the little notebook and card are adorable. Getting lip gloss and bath bubbles from Victoria's Secret made me feel all
grown up ;) And isn't the guitar/boombox/CD/casettes design just so
retro-chic? Love it.

I also got three autographed book plates from Cynthea Liu for The Great Call of China, and a bookmark & receipe card. As well as a Paris Pan takes the Dare postcard thing.

Speaking of which, pop over by her blog, I believe she's offering Paris Pan bookplates in honour of her upcoming release!

*Thanks Cynthea!

Mates, Dates: The Secret Story - Cathy Hopkins & Ten Stations - Jenny Valentine

A double book in honour of World Book Day.

*Thanks Jenny!

Buffalo Gal - Laura Pedersen
Buffalo Gal is Laura Pedersen's memoir of growing up in Buffalo, New York, in the 70s. She describes her upbringing in a cold, quirky town with humor and just the right amount of nostalgia. From the drab institutional architecture to the folly of owning a white car in a city prone to lake-effect blizzards, Pedersen paints an entertaining picture of life in a place where winter lasts nine months.

Badger Books!

Ranger's Apprentice 6: Siege of the Macindaw - John Flanagan
In this desolate northern fief, where can Will find the fighting men he needs to overcome the traitorous Sir Keren and his band of criminals? Across the border, the fierce Scotti tribesmen are waiting for the signal that Castle Macindaw is in friendly hands, and the way is clear to mount a full-scale attack. Time is running out. Will's courage and ingenuity - and the arrival of an old friend - may be the only things that stand in their way. Will is determined to rescue Alyss - even if it means laying siege to an enemy castle!

So what was in your mailbox this week?


Amy said...

That reminds me-i need to get more bookmarks asap!

Katie said...

Your prize pack looks cool. Great week!

deltay said...

Amy - bookmarks are sweet ;)

Katie - It was pretty cool, I was really excited when I got it. Your week was really great too - so many awesome reads ;)

Ravenous Reader said...

Ohh I really enjoyed your prize pack, how very cool is that? Congrats

deltay said...

Thanks Ravenous, it is pretty cool, isn't it? ;)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Yay for getting the prize pack. It's out in a MONTH. Whoah!


prophecygirl said...

Great week! I'm glad the book got to you okay :)

the epic rat said...

Awesome Shrinking Violet prize pack! I hope you enjoy all your books! :)

Kay said...

Lucky you, I love receiving stuff in the post... it just never happens!

cupcakewitch said...

Looks like you got some fun odds n' ends!

deltay said...

Shooting Stars - Less than one month now! Pretty exciting ;) & Thanks again.

prophecygirl - it did, thanks :)

epic rat - it is pretty awesome, isn't it? i hope so too, thanks :)

Kay - I love receiving stuff in the mail too, and didn't used to up until about recently! It's been pretty exciting.

cupcakewitch - aye, that I did! ;)

Aimee said...

I just started the Ranger's Apprentice series and I LOVED the first book! I just picked up the 3rd and 4th books at the library this week!

Aimee said...

I gave you an award for your blog. Check it out at

deltay said...

Aimee - that's pretty awesome, I haven't had time to delve into that series yet! & Thanks for the award ;)

Kate at Read This Book! said...

Ahh love that purple stuff! =D Hmm I think I might want to try SASS books soon.


deltay said...

Hehe, the purple stuff is pretty awesome, isn't it? Hmm... I actually haven't tried any SASS books yet either, but I'll have to check them out sometime ;)

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