Sunday, April 26, 2009

In My Mailbox [5]

Inspired by Alea and hosted by Kristi ...

There wasn't an In My Mailbox post last week because I didn't get any books. :(
Actually, I didn't get any books per se this week either, but as I did get some blog related (namely reading/photography) swag, I figured I'd share that instead.

Evernight Academy T-shirt
*Picture from Zazzle: Evernight
I won this in Claudia Gray's STARGAZER Contest #6, in honour of Stargazer's release (sequel to Evernight).
*Thanks Claudia!


Heart Pendant
Awhile ago, Twist Tie came in first in the New Models category of a photography contest over at DeviantART, and I won this from Amy. Isn't it darling? You can check out more of her handmade jewelry at her Etsy store (Pretty Lemur).
*Thanks Amy!

Twist Tie by =deltay on deviantART

What did you receive in the mail this week?


The Story Siren said...

what a fun t-shirt! i may have to get one!

mandie said...

haha thank you :)

Iryna said...

I love, love , love that little pendant! It's adorable!

Desiree said...

Thanks for the comment :]

I love the pendant!

cupcakewitch said...

awesome swag!

Rebecca said...

You got some very awesome stuff.

Julia said...

I loooove the pendant! It is soooo cute! :D

Give it to me x'D

deltay said...

Kristi - Yeah, there's some pretty awesome stuff in the Evernight store over on Zazzle ;)

mandie - np

Iryna - It is pretty awesome :)

Desiree - thanks :)

cupcakewitch - aye! :)

Rebecca - Indeed, concurred.

Julia - haha, sorry no can do; it's mine. mwahaha

Lenore said...

I do like that t-shirt! Here's hoping you get some books next week :)

deltay said...

Thanks, Lenore =)

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