Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Interview: Cyn Balog

I'm sure you guys have been hearing lots about Fairy Tale (Delacorte June 23rd, 2009) around the YA blogosphere lately. Today, we have the author of this hotly anticipated read "invading" Lucid Conspiracy to "cause havoc". Let's have a warm round of applause for the magical Cyn Balog!

Now, with a title like Fairy Tale, I just have to ask - what's your favourite fairy tale, and why?

My favorite is Cinderella. That is because I had a very similar nickname growing up and everyone would call me that. I had the Disney movie growing up and I watched it a gazillion times. Though it kind of freaks me out that Cinderella, for some reason, has no toes. OBVIOUSLY she would be the only one who can fit in that glass slipper, if she has no toes. Ew.

Hmm, now that you bring it up, that is kind of disturbing. As you've mentioned on your blog, fairies are an age-old concept. But every author puts a unique spin on these magical creatures. What differentiates your fairies in particular?

I started FAIRY TALE as a spoof of the fairy genre... I really didn't take it very seriously, especially since the whole fairy thing was really just an aside to the main story, which was losing one's first, seemingly perfect love. I have to confess that sometimes I'll read a fairy book and my head will spin because it's too embroiled in the lore. My fairies are fairly simplistic, something that people who aren't into the lore can understand and relate to.

Early reviews of Fairy Tale mention great things about the characterization - and they do all sound so intriguing! If you could meet any character from your book, who would you choose, and what would you guys do for a day?

I think I would like to meet Pip, because he's sweet and gentle and would basically do whatever I wanted to, like even hold my purse for me while I shopped.

Aww, that would be sweet! Speaking of the realm of the fictional - do you have any fictional or literary crushes? (Who?)

Almanzo Wilder from Little House on the Prairie.

Oh, good one! If you could bring any fictional character (book, movie, tv, any form of media really) to life, who would it be, and why?

I'd bring Bella to life, but not Edward, because it would be really hilarious to watch her try to survive without him.

Haha, slightly sadistic, but that would be an interesting social experiment nonetheless. Are there any juicy tidbits you're allowed to share about your upcoming YA paranormal Sleepless?

Um, sure. It features a really hot, sexy sandman named Eron. Sandmen are like, the new fairies. I am soooo sure of it. At least, in my dreams.

That does sound intriguing! You bet - sandmen are definitely going to be in very soon. ;) What do you do when the muse has gone on vacation (i.e. the inspiration is lacking)?

You have to write through it! That's the only way to get over it. I once had writer's block for 10 years, and I know that writing breeds more writing, and when you stop, it's impossible to start up again. Now that most of my work is on deadline, I have to push myself through it. I work really well on deadlines; they make it impossible to have writer's block. It's either, have writer's block and starve, or get over it and eat ;)

Words of wisdom - share a quote of personal significance?

Hmmm... something sticking in my head.... "Hit the road Jack, and dontcha come back no more, no more, no more, no more." Okay, no, that isn't really inspiring, but I went out to eat a few nights ago and that song was playing in the restroom and I now can't get it out of my head.

Now, about the unexpected. What are the best and worst unforseen things that have come along with this whole process (e.g. the planning, outlining, writing, querying, submitting, publishing, etc.)?

The best thing, especially writing for young adults, is that you will have a bunch of teens coming up to you or emailing saying they love your book... and that just plain rocks. They are the best audience a writer can wish for. I don't think adults are as willing to lavish praise on a person, so it's just so nice since this world is getting increasingly cold and unfeeling. Like, I can come home from being cut off in traffic and stepped on in line while checking out at the supermarket, read my mail, and go, Ahhh!

The worst thing is that things can change in a moment's notice. You may think you have a release date, a cover, etc., and then, a couple months before your book releases, find out that all needs to change. The economy is making publishers increasingly frantic, so they're scrambling trying to find the best way to promote their books, which seems to mean that even "sure things" aren't so sure. Until the book is out on the shelf, you just never know what might happen with your book.

Anything you'd like to add?

Um, hit the road, Jack, and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more?

Thanks for the great interview, Cyn! More information about both Cyn and her upcoming release (one week away!) Fairy Tale can be found at Cyn's home on the web.


Diana Dang said...

I have to say lol to her reply for which character she would want to bring to life.

Kate said...

Great interview!I also love the idea of bringing Bella to life and watching her suffer :)

Fairy Tale looks like a great read!

deltay said...

Diana - haha, I would have to say 'lol' too ;)

Kate - Thanks!

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