Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Twitter"view: Sarah Ockler

As you may or may not know, last Friday (the 5th) there was a "Twenty TWEET Summer" Twitter Party hosted by the fabulous Sarah Ockler in honour of Twenty Boy Summer's release. I've compiled the questions I asked and Sarah's answers here as a mini-"twitter"view of sorts. Phew - adhering to that character limit was quite the feat! Anyway, for more information, check out my review of Twenty Boy Summer, or visit Sarah's website. Without further ado, enjoy:

If you could choose any 1 book to add to the high school cirriculum as mandatory reading what would it be & why?
mandatory book for HS curriculum? I say JELLICOE ROAD. Complex developed characters, themes, incredible story.

Any plans for your next project, or just taking it easy for now in wake of TBS release?
Book 2 called Fixing Delilah Hannaford comes out spring/summer 2010. Also working on 3rd book now.

Premise sounds great! Secrets, Scandal... Nothing will be the same. ;) Will you come to Canada?! :D
I might come to Canada - Buffalo is close! Well, to eastern CAN anyway!

If you could meet any of your chacters from TBS, who would it be, why, and what would you say/ask?
I would love to meet Aunt Jayne. We don't see too much of her in TBS and I woudl want to talk about her exp.

What's your writing process like? (e.g. by hand or typed 1st drafts? Special writing conditions? etc.)
Writing process is - draft on Mac laptop in Scrivener. Classical music & incense while writing. Then...print out for revisions. then revise w/ agent & editor. sometimes write in coffee shop. mostly in home office.

Do you have any crushes on any fictional characters - if so, who?! ;)
fictional crush=Edward Cullen, Wes & Owen from @
sarahdessen, J Greggs in JELLICOE ROAD, Angel in RED GLASS.

If you had the magical abilities to bring any fictional character (movie, tv, books, anything) to life, who?
I would bring to life... um... Dobby. I would love a house elf!

If you could pull a Freaky Friday (movie) body switch with anybody, would you, if so, who, and why?
Oooh good question. Um... wow I don't know! Maybe Obama so I could go to Egypt! But I wouldn't want his job!

What brand of makeup does Frankie use? Do Sam & Anna ever meet up again?
Probably MAC cosmetics. Something expensive. Whatever is trendy at the moment.

Was the sea glass/mermaid's tears symbolic for how Anna (&Frankie) felt, kind of lost @ sea and tossed outof ctrl?
Yes, more symbolism! Definitely!

Are there 2 versions of cover with either black or white font on title? Which do you prefer?
ARC and final cover had diff. fonts. Then they made FINAL final cover w 3rd font b/c 2nd was hard to see. :-)


Kate said...

I really enjoyed this interview. Twenty Boy Summer sounds like a great read :)

YA Book Realm said...

Ehh I have the book, must read ASAP! And it makes me ridiculously hapopy to see Greggs and Jellicoe Road mentioned.

Btw I'm liking this twitter interview style!

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