Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Waiting on Wednesday (2)

The Line - Teri Hall
Dial - March 4th, 2010

Set in the near future, THE LINE chronicles the adventures of fifteen year old Rachel Quillen. Since her father died in a war, Rachel and her mother, Vivian, have lived in relative isolation on a place called The Property. It's the home of Ms. Moore, a taciturn woman who makes her living growing orchids. She hired Rachel’s mother as a housekeeper, even though she sensed Vivian was in some sort of trouble. Ms. Moore couldn’t be too picky, for there are reasons that good help is hard to find when you live too near the Line.
The National Border Defense System is an impenetrable barrier intended to protect the Unified States from invasion. Because of an impending attack, construction of the System had to be rushed, and the last section—called the Line—was built inside the U.S. border. When it was hastily activated, it created a permanent division between those lucky enough to be on the U.S. side and those who were not. Families were ripped apart, lovers separated. The territory left unprotected became known as Away; the abandoned unfortunates who survived the enemy attack became the Others. Over the years frightening stories circulated about the Others, stories about strange abilities and evil intentions. The Line became a place to avoid.

For Rachel, the activation of the Line is just a history lesson; it happened long before she was born. Life on The Property has been good, if rather dull, and the Line is just something that has always been there. But things are about to change in ways she never imagined and suddenly the world outside The Property—a world of government control and corruption, where people without power or influence have few choices—begins to intrude.

What's not to anticipate about The Line? It's from a Tenner, it's dystopian, it's science fiction... (and okay, so I'm kind of still on that rampage.) The cover's simplicity and lighting is pretty captivating, and the synopsis sounds intriguing!

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Things have been pretty hectic recently, and I've got a pretty major project pretty much hurtling towards its finish, and of course there's the last minute summer rush, but hopefully things'll slow down a bit soon and more reviews etc. will abound! I'd also like to say thanks a ton for the BBAW nomination! You guys rock :)


Mary said...

Interesting description. Love the cover!

teri said...

Thanks for the mention!

Teri Hall

deltay said...

Mary - I think so too :)

Teri - No problem. Oh the other hand: Eeeeee, THE Teri Hall has dropped by my blog and commented; quite an honour! Thanks for coming by :)

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