Saturday, March 7, 2009

Evermore Review & Bookmark

So, I actually read this last Saturday, but found myself unable to review it. Maybe I'm just still stuck in over-critical-analytical mode due to IB English, or maybe it's because TOK (Theory of Knowledge) is really starting to mess with my head because of all these perception, reality, bias etc. concepts. I don't even know. But to get back in the spirit of things, I guess the only way is to just jump right in and go for it. So without further ado:

Evermore (the immortals) - Alyson Noel

After the death of her family, consumed with guilt Ever Bloom's personality takes a one-eighty dive. No longer Miss Popular, she's turned into a freak. A physic freak who avoids human touch at all costs, so she won't have to hear their life stories. New school, new city, new Ever. And it sucks. Until she meets Damen Auguste, and she's drawn into a mysterious world chockful of secrets and danger. Falling illogically in love with someone who leaves an endless trail of questions but can silence the visions in her head - is that really prudent? Who - or what - is Damen really? And just what is the significance of all those red tulips that accost her everywhere?

In Evermore Alyson Noel has woven an enticing beginning to her the immortals series. The main protag's name, Ever Bloom*, is beautiful and original, and makes an interesting play-on. The relationship between Ever and Damen progressed a little too quickly in the beginning, going from I-definitely-don't-have-a-thing-for-him to BAM! I'm-irrevocably-in-love-with-him, but this doesn't stand out glaringly, due to Noel's beautiful storytelling style.

Diction choice was eloquent and flowed beautifully, especially with those descriptions coming in groups of three. The concept behind the story was intriguing, and it was a new take on common YA themes. Characterization was very well done; Ever is real and dimensional, suffering in silence and just wanting an escape from the angst of her life experience at such a tender age. The besties Haven and Miles were interesting personas, quircky but endearing. The "magical" characters were relatively good, but there were facets that were slightly shallow and uncredible. The tie-ins to history were nicely inserted, and rooted the story more firmly in realism.

Summerland was a beautiful idea. Noel has crafted quite the introduction to her immortals saga, and it's no wonder that Evermore has cracked bestseller lists. Evermore is a wonderful urban fantasy/paranormal romance read that will be enjoyed by many teenage female fans, if current trends are accurately predictive. I'm definitely going to be checking out the sequel, Blue Moon (August 2009).

*Although I actually didn't know her surname was Bloom until after I finished the book and re-read the synopsis on the back.

**Feel free to print & use the Evermore bookmark (left)


Sydnie said...

I adore Alyson Noel! Have you read "Saving Zoe" by her? It's very good, and I'm sure you'd like it! Thanks for commenting on my blog!

Sydnie said...
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Letter Garden said...

Did you do the bookmark? It looks awesome! I like it even more than the cover.

Marie Hansen said...

That book mark is awesome! I agree with Letter Garden, so much cooler than the cover!

Elora Mariel said...

Your review makes me want to get up and read the book. Unfortunately I don't have it. I probably will reserve the book in the library! :) I want to read it! haha

ps/ there was actually one time when I almost called them by their codename! hahahaha, lucky they didn't really hear. omg, I would've been dead then and there. haha

Steph Su said...

WHOA. Great find on the Catherine Hardwicke/If I Stay future movie! I can't find anymore information on it (also think it's weird that a book that hasn't even been published yet is already in the movie production works--good sign for the book to come?), but I think it would make an interesting movie. Although, er, the whole thing is basically in flashbacks, so that might be a little weird. Haha. I'm intrigued to see what Catherine Hardwicke will do with it. I loved Thirteen and thought Twilight was an okay adaption. Thanks for sharing that!!! You should totally post it on your blog; you'd get so much attention. :)

deltay said...

Sydnie - No, I haven't. But I'll definitely have to check it out sometime :)

Letter Garden - Yep, I put together some stock images, changed the values, etc. and put in the title etc. haha I think it's an amateur job but thanks :)

Marie - Thanks! I really like the (real) cover though.

Elora - Libraries are awesome! haha slip-ups happen ;)

Steph - Yeah, that is kind of odd that they're already doing that for a book that hasn't been released yet... but then again, I couldn't find any other sources with the same story, so maybe the vaalidity is questionable? I've been meaning to check out Thirteen, heard some good things about it. The actress for Rosalie (who also played Sadie in the OC) is in it, right? ;)

Shin said...

Wow! Your book reviews are so well-written and makes me want to go buy and read it! Your header is awesome by the way!xxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Iryna said...

Deltay, I have nominated you for the "I Love Your Blog" award!

pwincess bebe said...

Hmm .. kayaknya bagus, mau coba cari akh :D
Anyway, thanks for visiting :D
cool blog !

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