Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fabulous Me (+ 5)

Recently I've been nomiated for Your Blog is Fabulous! by the super-awesome Steph of Steph Su Reads, which is really exciting as it's my first blog award. And of course, the fact that it says "I'm Awesome" doesn't hurt. Thanks muchly!

Rules: List five things you are obsessed with/addicted to and then nominate five other fabulous blogs to pass on this award on to!

I'm not very good at these things, but I guess I'll try to come up with a couple [interesting] ones.

[1] Food - It's just so good. Seriously, I'm addicted to junk food or something. I eat a lot; my metabolism works pretty fast, so I'm hungry often. Especially during badminton season. Practises (and tournaments) can be intense!

[2] Badminton - No, not backyard badminton - that's almost an insult to the sport. And yes, badminton is a real sport. Not for the weak, I assure you, despite popular belief! It's intense. It's good. It makes me feel awake, as odd as that may sound.

[3] Sticky Notes - These things are just so versatile! Scrawl down random notes and stick them wherever. Super useful, what can else can I say?

[4] Crimson Hero - (By Mitsuba Takanashi) I don't read manga, but this is the one I do read. It's great; beautiful artwork combined with a hilarious storyline! And the characters are just so lovable. (It's about volleyball, and there's love triangles and much humour!) I've actually laughed out loud numerous times while reading it. And there's this one image of Yushin where he really reminds me of Squib, from 15/Love (show), which I also really like.

[5] Okay, so about #5. I'm [pretty sure] that I had one for this... and then I forgot. And now I don't want to just randomly put in something else. So perhaps I'll come back and fill it in when I remember. Or figure out which exactly of the many I was originally intending to put in here. ;)

And I nominate...
Oh Clementine
The Shady Glade
Jennifer Banash

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Steph Su said...

Oooh, badminton. Let's play sometime! :)

(Although I'm probably quite out of practice..not to mention in another country than you..)

Thao said...

I love sticky notes too : ) I used to scribble on them before my mum found out and yelled at me.

Thanks for nominating me ^^

DaisyChain said...

I love badminton =)

Kaylee said...

I love making fun of some of my friends for playing a "wimpy" sport like badminton (probably because I'm so unskilled at it), but I actually do know how intense it can be.

I love food, too! There's rarely a moment when I don't feel like eating, even though I eat all the time.

The most useful sticky note thing I've come across is sticky-grid paper. So useful for math class because I write my notes on lined paper but can add graphs easily!

Thanks for nominating me! It means a lot :)

Jeanine said...

I've never played badminton.... ever!!! I agree with you on #1... FOOD is sooo good! :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

I have to agree with you, sticky notes are probably the most amazing thing ever invented. I always have them on hand!

Lauren said...

Badmintons a kickass sport!

x x x

Anonymous said...

I love junkfood too, but I don't have a fast metabolism. You're so lucky. I suck at badminton.
Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

fabulous blogs

love your blog

Race said...

May I just say that your blog IS SO FABULOUS! Yes it is! :)

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