Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pi Day, Blog Love, and Oh Noes!

3.14, Happy Pi Day!

The super sweet Iryna over at A Garden of Books has nominated me for I [Heart] Your Blog. award, which is really exciting. Thanks muchly! So technically I'm supposed to nominate at least seven other blogs, but it seems this award has really made a round of the YA blogosphere, and I'm not really feeling up to it right now, which leads smoothly into the next point.

Alas, I seem to have come down with something. It started out with a pretty nasty cough, and then I lost my voice, and now it's just turned into a pretty icky cold. Which really sucks (hence the Oh No!) Last week was sort of a joke; Wednesday was a Snow Day, and Thursday I just stayed home sick.

But but but - now Spring Break has started! (Hopefully I'll get over this cold soon so I can actually revel in how chill this week should be.) Big plans for the week, I would really like to get some things done. For example, Kevlar Moustache. And I'll definitely have to try and schedule in some photoshoots. And of course, maybe some SAT prep and driver's test. But best of all is just the downtime to chillax. =)

Oh right! Today is also deltay's one year anniversary on deviantART (because technically I've been on dA for way longer, except under different accounts).

In other randomness, I've been looking up a lot of random videos on Youtube, and there are some really talented people on there! I seem to have rekindled my love for guitars, and now I really want to learn to play. Like, right now. But then after this week, when the horrors of IB start again... maybe I should just hang on until the summer. And my other rekindled love? Jesse McCartney's music. (No, I'm not kidding ;) He's just got such a beautiful soul.

*PS We had two Friday the 13ths in a row this year! And aww, the Zokutou wordmeter is broken. Or something.

**Kate is holding a giveaway for Violet on the Runway, Oh. My. Gods., or Spring Breakup here, so hop on over to check it out! Contest ends Sunday at midnight.


Dahlia said...

I have a guitar, and I've been meaning to learn how to play for about... three or more years. But fretting is annoying and hurts my fingers, which are slow when it comes to guitars (except for plastic video game guitars) so it's not like I'd ever be any good. :P Though, I should probably try anyway (i could surprise myself and be awesome). After all, I'll never be able to start/join a band if I don't learn to play.

Hmm, that turned out to be a lot longer than I thought it would be.

Steph Su said...

Haha cute post. I'll be sure to check out your deviantART site sometime soon. :)

Spring break! You're so lucky!

deltay said...

Dahlia - Lucky! Already having a guitar. Joining/starting a band sounds like fun; I really wanted to do that, and we'd even been experimenting with names. And then I had to move. =(

Steph - Sounds great, thx :) Ah, but isn't there Reading Week or something in uni?

Iryna said...

Thanks for calling me "sweet"! That made my day!

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