Sunday, November 15, 2009

In My Mailbox [25]

Brought to you by Alea & Kristi, Lucid Conspiracy presents In My Mailbox #25...
Fourteen-year-old Tessa has never had a normal
life. Her mother, a frustrated hippie with awful taste in men, has seen to that.
But when her mom pulls her out of school to live at an ashram in the Catskills,
Tessa goes from being a freak among normal people to being an outcast among
freaks. Freaks who worship an orange robe-wearing guru. And while her mom is
buzzing with spiritual energy, and finding a little too much favor with the
guru, all Tessa feels are weird vibes.

Unless she's with Colin, the
gorgeous boy who fixes trucks for the ashram. The connection they share is the
most spiritual thing Tessa has ever felt. But he's older-like illegally
older-and Tessa's taking dangerous risks to spend time with him. Soon her life
is blooming into a psychedelic web of secrets and lies and it's clear that
something's about to give way. When it does, will she have anyone to hold on to?
Will she even know herself?

So only one book since the last IMM post (and one resultant of a mailing mix-up to boot), but still. On the plus side, it's always easier to make a dent in the TBR pile when it's not growing at the same time. ;) But your turn now - what was in your mailbox this week?


Bookalicious said...

Yay, lucky you, that book is on my TBR list too! Looking forward to your review! :)

elnice said...

This looks great, a new title for me.


Raven said...

I have to add this to my To Read pile. It sounds like something I would read.

I'm looking forward to your review!

MarjoleinBookBlog said...

great books you've got, enjoy reading!

The Story Siren said...

i need to read this one! hope you enjoy! happy reading!

Rebecca said...

Karma for Beginner's looks like a really interesting book. Hope you enjoy reading it and make a dent in your tbr pile.

So Many Books, So Little Time said...

That sounds great! Hope you enjoy it!

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