Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Interview: Carolyn MacCullough

We seem to be on a bit of a roll with authors of paranormal/magic these last few interviews, so let's keep the balling rolling with another one! After all, three is a pretty magical number. Presenting... Carolyn MacCullough!

Let's kick it off with a little fun - tell us about ONCE A WITCH in twenty words, and try to toss in as many alliterations as you can. Once upon a time there was a wicked warlock who wanted to win the heart of a winsome witch . . . er, okay, I've gotten away from the plot entirely. Twenty words? Tamsin Greene is a teen who comes from a long line of witches, yet she herself has no magical power...or so she thinks until one rainy August evening...

Ooh... The concept of witches has been around for a very long time, but each author puts a unique spin on them. What differentiates the ones in your book?
They're modern day witches (yes, it's been done before) who are still practicing their witchy ways in a world that's definitely unaware of them. This causes some conflict and tension for Tamsin, the protagonist--how does she function in the "normal" world and the "paranormal" world of her family.

Definitely quite the dilemna to be in. ONCE A WITCH - quite the title there. Care to share how that came about?
I don't know! I think I just love the phrase once a Witch, always a Witch--by the way, Always a Witch is the title of the sequel.

Phrased like that, the two titles connect beautifully! There's no denying that ONCE A WITCH is cauldron-ful of interesting characters. If you could chillax with one of them for a day, who would it be, and what would you guys do?
Ah, my pick would be Gabriel. I love him! And I have a soft spot for musicians, so since he is one, I'd definitely like to hang out in some funky jazz bar in the Village and have him explain jazz to me. (Since I'm woefully ignorant on it).

Haha, sounds like it would be tons of fun! Any literary crushes?
Neil Gaiman. For sure, Neil Gaiman.

Great pick. Are there any details about ALWAYS A WITCH that you're currently at liberty to share with us?
Of course! In Always a Witch, the adventures of Tamsin and Gabriel continue. Rowena is a complete bridezilla and luckily for Tamsin there's more time travel--a lot more this time--a huge chunk of the book is set in Victorian New York of the 1800's where we get to meet the evil Knight family.

Really looking forward to see how the story spins further in the sequel. Anything else to add?
Come visit me at for quizzes, an excerpt of the book, and an awesome book trailer.

Thanks for dropping by, Carolyn - it was great fun having you!

My review for Once a Witch can be found


choco (In Which a Girl Reads) said...

Great interview!

I really want to read Once a Witch! And Always a Witch sounds great, I love the Victorian era :)

Dahlia said...

Congrats! You've just won some awards from my blog!
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