Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Signed Morpheus Road: The Light Giveaway

Unless you've been living under a rock lately, you must've heard of D.J. MacHale. He's the author of the #1 New York Times Bestselling series Pendragon. He has written, directed and produced many television series and movies for young people including the cult-favorite TV show ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK. His work has been seen on Nickelodeon, The Disney Channel, HBO, Showtime, PBS, Discovery Kids and the broadcast networks. D.J. lives with his family in Southern California. (Check out D.J. MacHale's website for more information!)

And today? Today is the release of his newest adventure.

Morpheus Road: The Light
Marshall Seaver is being haunted. In The Light, the first installment of this chillingly compelling trilogy, sixteen-year-old Marshall discovers that something beyond our world is after him. The eerie clues pile up quickly, and when people start dying, it's clear whatever this is--it's huge.

Marshall has no idea what's happening to him, but he's soon convinced that it has something to do with his best friend Cooper, who's been missing for over a week. Together with Coop's sister, Marsh searches for the truth about what happened to his friend, ultimately uncovering something bigger than he could ever have imagined.
In celebration of the release, in conjunction with Big Honcho Media, Lucid Conspiracy is pleased to present a giveaway for one signed copy of Morpheus Road: The Light. Contest is open to those with a United States mailing address only. You have until May 4th, 2010 to enter.

So by this point, you're probably wondering how you can win. Entries will be given as follows, and please try to keep them within one comment if possible.

+1 For the first comment
+1 For each place you link the contest (leave links)
+4 Blog posts about Morpheus Road: The Light
+5 Old followers
+3 New followers
+2 For adding Lucid Conspiracy to your blogroll
+1 Total entries: (add them up)

Good luck! :)


Emilia Plater said...

This is so awesome!! +1 first comment, +5 old follower, so +6 <33

Becca Cooper said...

Ouu! Shiny book! :D

+5 for old follower
+2 for adding to blog roll
+1 for totaling

Total: 8

Karla Calalang said...

YAY! Awesome book/trailer!

+1 first comment
+5 old follower
+6 total entries :D

Sarah (Limerick) said...

+1 Sidebar,
+5 Old follower
+1 Added to my blogroll
+8 total

Thanks for the contest!
Sarah L.
two_of_hearts_101 at yahoo dot com

Joni S. said...

new follower +3

so 4 entries?

jjscalf at gmail dot com

elizabeth said...

Awesome contest! I have heard great things about this book :)
+1 comment
+1 tweet: http://twitter.com/_elizabethjoy/status/13260080843
+1 sidebar: http://swordsforfighting.blogspot.com/
+3 New follower
+1 Total entries: 7

debbie said...

I would love to read this book. I am a new gfc follower. So that gives me 4 entries.

angie said...

OOO I have heard so much about this book and really want to read it:)
+1 I tweeted http://twitter.com/bangersis/status/13274319701
+3 I am a new follower
total= +6

bangersis at msn dot com

Cheyanne Young said...

+3 New follower
+2 adding to blogroll
+1 totaling = 6 toal entries

Thanks for the contest!

Cheyanne Young said...

+3 New follower
+2 adding to blogroll
+1 totaling = 6 toal entries

Thanks for the contest!

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