Monday, March 28, 2011

Giveaway: Accomplice

Lexie Malton is an average Vancouver teen with fairly typical issues. Her stepmother is far from her favourite person, she has a sister with special needs, and life outside the home is the usual mix of school, friends, and social events.

But Lexie has a secret. Her ex-boyfriend, Devlin Mather, is now a heroin addict living on the street, and only Lexie knows that she's the one who put him there. Guilt makes her give in to Devlin's demands for money time and time again, even though she knows how dangerous his drug use is.

Lexie finally gathers the strength to stop enabling Devlin. But when he seeks treatment for his addiction, Lexie finds herself drawn back to him, never guessing what a dark and deadly path she has just chosen.

Devlin relapses, and his desperation leads to an act that will change both of their lives forever.

In conjunction with Dundurn, Lucid Conspiracy is pleased to present a giveaway for a copy of Accomplice by Valerie Sherrard! You can find out more information about Accomplice on the Dundurn website or on Valerie's blog.

And now for the logistics of the contest:

Open to residents (/mailing addresses) in the US & Canada.
Contest closes April 7th at 11:59 pm EST.
First entry is just for submitting name & e-mail.

Additional entries:
+ 1 per link to the contest
+ 1 for checking out Dundurn's site & commenting with another book you found interesting
+ 1 for blog followers
+ 1 for totaling up entries

And away we go, good luck! :)

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